Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow
Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow
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The Aberdeen Hospital FoundationThe Aberdeen Hospital has played an important role in the lives of individuals in northern Nova Scotia since 1895. From that day onward its fundamental mission has remained the same – to provide the highest quality health care to each and every person the hospital serves.

The Aberdeen Hospital Foundation /Aberdeen Hospital Trust made a promise to the citizens of Pictou County that they would not be asking them for funds after the capital campaign. As you may know our fund is at $15,0000,000.00 and growing yearly. One need only look at the success we have had in purchasing equipment for the Hospital. Since the inception of the Aberdeen Hospital Foundation/Aberdeen Hospital Trust we have purchased more than $7,000,000.00 worth of equipment which has to say something of the involvement of the residents of Pictou County.

More and more often by voluntary giving individuals are influencing the quality of health care they receive. Contributing to health care is an investment which benefits both you and your family. Your gifts do make a difference.

The Aberdeen Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting the capital that you have so generously donated, this perpetual gift will continue to give for years to come.

Our mandate is to use only the income derived from the capital to raise the level of health care at the Aberdeen Hospital by funding the purchase of equipment that surpasses what is considered to be the regular, basic or standard in hospital equipment.

It is the citizens of Pictou County that have made the Foundation what it is today – “the envy of every hospital in Nova Scotia”. Pictou County has every right to be proud of what has been accomplished in the building of the Aberdeen Hospital Foundation and the Aberdeen Hospital Trust. They are looking after today and tomorrow.

The community has always been generous in raising funds to assist the Aberdeen in its mission. Donations from committed individuals who believe in the hospital’s mission have been vital to meeting the hospital’s needs. Now, planned gifts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to provide for future need.

Established through sound estate planning, planned gifts provide the donor with the satisfaction of knowing that his or her gift will act as a personal legacy to enrich the lives of others for generations to come.

The Aberdeen Hospital Foundation and the Aberdeen Hospital Trust provide two distinct ways for friends to support the Aberdeen:

  1. Aberdeen Hospital Foundation
  2. Aberdeen Hospital Trust

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