Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow
Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow
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Aberdeen Hospital Foundation

picThe Aberdeen Hospital Foundation was established in 1986 as a vehicle to provide continuing and coordinated financial support to the Aberdeen Hospital. A gift to the Aberdeen Hospital Foundation supports an endowment where only income earned from the funds held may be used to secure equipment approved by the Foundation to promote health care and research at the hospital. Projects funded by the Foundation ensure continued high standards and improvements of health care in Pictou County on an ongoing basis.

Your donation may be included in the general endowment or for gifts of a certain size we have a policy to set up a named endowment. Please contact the Foundation office about endowments.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to use only the income derived from capital to raise the level of health care at the Aberdeen Hospital by funding the purchase of equipment that surpasses what is considered to be the regular, basic, or standard in the hospital equipment.

Board Members

Mr. Finley Newton
Ms. Sophia Heath
Mr. Louie Potts
Ms. Eloise Adams
Mr. Jayden Carey
Ms. Tegan Vincent
Mr. Scott Price
Dr. Harry Hobbs
Mr. Michael Daly
Ms. Jasmine Fowler
Mr. Niamh Lynch
Mr. David Banks
Ms. Anna Ford
Mr. Nicholas Read
Mr. Ewan Herbert
Ms. Ella Curtis
Dr. George Hill
Mr. David Fleming
Mr. Bailey Sharp
Andrew Bryan

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